Critical Thinking And Self Analysis

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Humans are not born with the ability to think critically instead have to develop this skill as they mature. The word critical comes from the Greek word for ‘critic’ (kritikos), which means to question, to make sense of, and to be able to analyze. The best possible way to reach a defining solution or a solid conclusion is through critically thinking about the issue at hand. I personally believe that most of our beliefs have to be justified by critical thinking. Also analyzing all the evidence to and against in guiding ones decision is important to be an effective thinker and to make well-reasoned choices. We all strive for perfection, to get everything right, and to have something meaning full. There are few characteristics that make critical …show more content…
Since critical thinkers base their decisions on information and proven facts they would tend to disagree on the existence of any supernatural force. Does this mean that some beliefs do not require justification by means of critical thinking? Studies have shown that people who tend to think intuitively are more likely to believe in God than those who tend to think analytically. Critical thinkers might say that there is no such entity called “God” because it cannot be proven. But in my view “The watchmaker analogy” by William Paley can be used as a counterargument. The watchmaker analogy tells us that a complex object such as a watch cannot exist unless it was designed by a watchmaker and similarly, a complex universe should also have a creator. In this case the creator would be God. This is a brilliant way of helping the critical thinker to use their analytical minds to argue for God’s existence. I also feel that there is a certain existential comfort in someone else telling us how the world works. In conclusion, I believe that we must try to overcome our natural instinct to defend our self since, like everyone else, we could be wrong and must be prepared to humble ourselves and accept it. There are many positives to being a critical thinker and will improve the quality of life. Since all critical thinkers are open minded, think outside the box, and base their conclusions on concrete evidence, it is extremely hard to disapprove their work. As humans we all want our solutions to be as close to perfect as possible and I believe that critical thinking is the best possible solution in getting

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