Critical Thinking Requires An Individual Essay

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Critical thinking requires an individual to be active. Bell Hook is a scholar that writes about critical thinking, and more specifically critical race theory. She wrote “I often talk about radical openness because it became clear to me, after years in academic settings, that it was far too easy to become attached to and protective of one’s viewpoint, and to rule out other’s perspectives” (Hooks p.10). In other words, we have a tendency to be stuck in our own way of thinking. We all have differing perspectives from our past that have shaped how we think in the present. We are not born with racism or prejudices. As we grow up we acquire traits some good and some bad from our surroundings. Racism and prejudices are learned traits that have been passed on to an individual. Critical thinking asks the racist or prejudice individual to challenge those assumptions that she or he has developed. The movie, Crash, shows society as prejudice, and how these built up prejudices leads to violence. Characters from different ethnicities deal with racism in their own hectic lives. Some have prejudice and others have blatant racism. Each character has their own story being told, and their story deals with how they have encountered racism and/or are racist. In Crash, the story exposed the fact that anyone can have a bit of prejudice in them because of rash assumptions they made out of ignorance. Two characters in particular Jean Cabot played by Sandra Bullock and Daniel Ruiz played by Michael…

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