Essay about Critical Thinking Related to American Idol

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Critical Thinking Related to
American Idol: A Big Hit for Marketing Research?

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Professional Approach to Answer Marketing Research Questions?1

1. Marcello and Litzenberger felt it was important to conduct this study because _________?
(State the relevant background information used to justify their work.)

Answer: Marcello and Litzenberger were attempting to overcome a challenge in client development. Specifically, they were attempting to obtain evidence to confront skeptics of using professionally-done marketing research without comprising the privacy of previous clients with whom they had worked. It was inappropriate for them to share the results of previous studies with anyone else than
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For example, assuming that the number of viewers the show drew was accurate, Marcello and Litzenberger assessed not only how many adults actually watched the show but also how many voted during that particular season.

5. The most important information in this article is ____________?
(Identify the facts, observations, and/or data Marcello and Litzenberger are using to support their conclusions. Be quantitative.)

Answer: While the details of the approach to be taken in the study are important by themselves in assessing the validity of doing the project, the relevance of undertaking the study is equally important.

Marcello and Litzenberger challenge each other about the worthiness of their undertaking. They quickly realize that aside from those directly involved in the production of the show, the sponsors, and news journalists would have a keen interest in understanding if the show’s concept is durable. This would be assessed by measuring the involvement of adults in voting, their confidence in the judges’ opinions, and comparing the perceived influence of voting for American Idol contestants with voting in presidential elections.

6. The results can be put into context by comparing them to _________?
(Place the quantitative results into an easily understood context by expressing as %s or by

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