Essay on Critical Thinking on Logical Issues

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Critical Thinking on Logical Issues

Scenario 1
There is a lot of tragedy surrounding WV Steel Company lately. National Construction (our of Colorado) is building a new football stadium. The opt to buy and use cables that were approved by a contractor for WV Steel. After the stadium is built the upper deck collapses and injures and kills civilians watching the game. National is now under a lot of pressure from lawsuits stemming from the incident. To make matters worse Jessica crashes her car on the way to a meeting due to negligence when driving. She hits a school bus and the bus driver and some children on the bus end up being hospitalized.
“There are three types of defects that incur liability – manufacturing, design defects, and
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Though I don’t agree with Larry’s behavior while driving I do believe that the GMC, Chevy, and the dealership are strictly liable to Larry. “Section 402a of the Restatement, Third, or Torts

imposes strict liability in tort on merchant sellers for both personal injuries and property damage. The injured party suing as the plaintiff simply needs to show that the product was unreasonably dangerous at the time it left the manufacturer’s or seller’s control and that he or she suffered an injury.” (J., & D., 2010) The seatbelt design and implication is that it will protect passengers of the car in wrecks up to speeds of 40 mph. It doesn’t necessarily matter how the wreck occurs the seatbelt design still has the responsibility of protecting the driver from smashing into the steering wheel and windshield up to a certain speed. Larry was travelling under the maximum allowed speed when he crashed the car. He didn’t misuse the vehicle or the safety mechanisms that were in place. The seat belt was fastened correctly and he was travelling under the speed limit. Exceptions to the rule of strict liability include Act of God, Act of Public Enemy, Act of Public Authorities, and Fault of the Bailor or Guest. Larry and his actions do not fit into any of these categories.
“The effect (impact) of the strict liability theory has wide implications. American importers of goods from foreign countries generally

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