Critical Thinking Essay

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Most of us allow our emotions and life experiences guide us in how we perceive situations and come to conclusions on issues that arise in our life. We have come to assume that our thought process is accurate and since it is not flawed, our conclusions are right. We use this train of thought to defend our stance on matters and to choose a course of action when needed. I have done this many times and for the most part, felt comfortable with the decisions I have made. I believe in continuously striving to become a better person, and in doing so, I am realizing that my way of thinking could use some improvement. I want to improve myself intellectually to become a better critical thinker.
Critical Thinking
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For myself, I can utilize it when making business decisions in my current occupation. I manage projects that have the potential to affect millions of customers, and without some level of critical thinking, I could make the wrong decision, which could result in the loss of my job. Currently, when I am faced with a difficult decision, I research the issue at hand to find out as much information as possible. At times, I have found that asking coworkers for their insight on an issue may offer a solution to an issue because they could have a different viewpoint that I had not considered. I also try to determine the impact and results from my decisions. In my personal life, I feel that critical thinking helps me respond more sensibly and less emotionally. I have developed an opinion on certain topics based on strong personal feelings and not based on facts or rational thinking; however, critical thinking allows me to evaluate my assumptions before providing a rapid, thoughtless response. The hardest part for me in the process of critical thinking is realizing I am emotionally engaged and that I need to pause and do some self-reflection prior to making a decision or providing a response. I feel that self-awareness will be the key to becoming successful at critical thinking. Once I have established a good habit of applying critical thinking to different aspects of my life, I will grow as an individual and …show more content…
I have battled obesity throughout my life, but I have always fought it without medical intervention. In 2014, and after many years of exercise and diet programs, I finally decided I needed help and reluctantly looked into Bariatric surgery. This was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, but I believe that this was one situation I really used critical thinking to come to a final decision. I researched the topic very thoroughly, talked to different doctors to get their feelings about the matter, talked to people that have undergone the surgery, talked to a behavioral specialist for their input, weighed the pros and cons of having the surgery, and finally made the decision to go forward with it. A second inference I have made in the past is that a college degree is not a major factor to a future employer. I firmly believed that a college degree could not be more valuable than work experience, until I lost my job due to the recession in 2009. In my quest to find new employment, I discovered that employers would only consider candidates with a Bachelor’s degree as a method to thin the candidate pool. Nevertheless, I was able to find a good job, and I do not need a degree to advance in the company. I began to realize that to advance in any company and to become a serious candidate for upper level positions, I needed to further my education. Also, now that I have

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