Critical Thinking Distance Education And Traditional Education

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Educationally wise in my opinion, feel our community, life experiences and past professors, we have come in contact with have played a significant role in our development as doctoral students we are becoming today. As we being to reflect on what we learn, read, and write we will begin the process of higher level thinking. The sole purpose of this paper is to examine, compare, and synthesize themes of three empirical journal articles. The three articles compared were as follows: article one by Weidman & Stein (2003) titled Socialization of doctoral students to the academic norms was a study. Article two by Baker & Lattuca (2010) titled Developmental networks and learning toward an interdisciplinary perspective on identity development looked at the bond between theories and identity development. Article three Visser, Visser & Schlosser (2003) titled Critical thinking distance education and traditional education acknowledged the benefits by referring to both educational settings especially distance learning develops higher order intellect. In comparison to all three articles were written with a different purpose in mind, with all three connecting to the same theme, “How does faculty play a role in the development of the doctoral student?” There were similarities found in the subject addressed. However, it was also apparent that there were differences in each article.
Research Questions
Comparing all three empirical articles include Article one: This research posed a…

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