Critical Thinking Conventions Of Fairy Tales

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My first experience with fairy tales is at a young age. I ran to my bed excited for that nights new book before bed; which was always a fairy tale. These stories gave me hope for happily ever after’s and dreams of fantasy as a would be swept off to sleep with snow white, Cinderella, and beauty and the best still fresh in my mind. Fairy tale have important conventions in them such as; to help with solutions to how to navigate through life, shows cultural differences, helps create an imagination, critical thinking skills, and also teaches a lesson. They teach all of these and more, but fairy tales re not just for the young minds of children. They are also for adults and people of all ages. With what these stories hold within them are years of wisdom and it should be treasured by everyone. One …show more content…
I believe that these moments in the fairy tale teach critical thinking lessons. Especially for children, the charter has a scenario that they have to think their way through, as the charter does critical thinking to find a solution the child reading does that same. After the end of the book, once the charter and the reader triumphs, their situation, they teach a moral that they can apply to their lives. More complex versions of fairy tales can also help adults with their problems they see in life and help them navigate the path they want to take to find a solution to their complications. An example is in the story Little Red Cap by the Grimm Brothers At the end of the story it tells of another version, where the girl and her grandmother are in the house when a wolf tries to get into the house. The door was locked so the wolf went on the roof and waiting for the girl to come out and then eat her. The little girl was in a situation and had to come up with a solution on how to get rid of the wolf. In the end she outsmarted the wolf and saved herself and her

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