Case Study: Nurse Witte

In this paper, we are to answer seven questions about the critical thinking exercise dealing with communication and leadership and management strategies. What is the problem?
The problem is the lack of communication of the need of the pathway. Nurse Witte was hand a project to come with a pathway for ventilator-dependent patients going home. Nurse Witte needs to place an agenda together for the meeting for the people she had invited. The committee should be multidisciplinary; this would decrease interprofessional conflicts (Huber, 2014). Whose problem is it?
It is everyone problem and most important people problem it is the patient. If the
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Who else needs to be involved with the communication flow?
Nurse Witte should first contact the doctor who will be supportive and help with the other doctors to be on board with this pathway. She should also contact the home health care representative to make sure they are receiving the emails and update the phone numbers. Next person should be someone from legal to make sure committee is doing the pathway legally. The quality information person should be there to help with evidence-based research literature for the goal of the committee. The last and most important is the front line nurses who will be involved in implementing the pathway for a smooth transition form hospital to home care. What leadership and management strategies should Nurse Witte used?
Nurse Witte has to exhibit a transformational leader role to motivate this group to get the pathway done. This type of leadership focuses on the task on hand and motivates others to fullest potential. As the leader; Nurse Witte has to create the vision for the committee, build the group dynamics, and build trust for the goal can be accomplished, and self esteem for everyone

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