Critical Thinking Case Study

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In this paper, we are to answer seven questions about the critical thinking exercise dealing with communication and leadership and management strategies. What is the problem?
The problem is the lack of communication of the need of the pathway. Nurse Witte was hand a project to come with a pathway for ventilator-dependent patients going home. Nurse Witte needs to place an agenda together for the meeting for the people she had invited. The committee should be multidisciplinary; this would decrease interprofessional conflicts (Huber, 2014). Whose problem is it?
It is everyone problem and most important people problem it
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She has to find the right people for the committee. She has to write a vision, mission and core value statement for the pathway. She also has to build relationships in the group to become cohesive. She has to correct the misunderstandings to turn them into a positive one. Nurse Witte has to build a mutual trust among all members of the group and this done thru listening. If all this steps are done correctly; then it will build a cohesive group; the conflict will resolve to one of collaboration in the group (Smith-Trudeau, …show more content…
As the leader; Nurse Witte must be aware of every team member role and situation to help them to stay on task. Another part of communication is the shared mental model .The shared mental model is that all members are on the same page to achieve the goal of the committee (Haynes & Strickler, 2014). Nurse Witte would probably use humanizing communication model which includes trust, self –disclosure, feedback, and listening in forming this committee (Huber, 2014). How can Nurse Witte structure a clear message?
Nurse Witte has to write a vision, mission and care value statement for the committee .In doing this; the members will be able to see the goal of the committee. She should keep it simple and not to make to in depth until the committee decides how to proceed. All communication should be sent via email to all members with dates and times of the meetings. If this done everyone will have a schedule and conflicts could be rearrange. All communication should be vertically and horizontally to enhance networking among the members (Huber, 2014). To whom should Nurse Witte communicate with first? Who else needs to be involved with the communication

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