Critical Thinking Assignment : Turnover Essay

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Critical Thinking Assignment – Turnover Case Study On average it is estimated that the turnover rate for an organization is roughly 16.8% yearly which does fluctuate from year to year (Aamodt, 2014). Maintaining a good and motivated team is vital to the success of an organization. High employee turnover rate increases expenses for an organization, can impact morale, and can have a negative impact of the reputation of the company. It is the responsibility of an organization to maintain their turnover ratio, therefore, maintaining their key performers (Aruna & Anitha, 2015). For organizations to maintain a lower turnover rate, it is encouraged that organizations implement a strategy for employee retention in order to reduce turnover for both management and non-managerial position.
Strategy for Reducing Management Turnover
In the case study regarding Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, where the company has shown to be successful, as in 2006 they were recognized as Best Company to work for in Orange County. The company contributes their success to the low turnover of 16%. For organizations, the turnover rate is important and in some cases can make or break an organization. In order to maintain a lower turnover rate, organization should implement a well thought out strategy plan which would include employee selection and adequate training program, growth and challenge opportunities as well as competitive pay and a benefits package.
Employee Selection & Training Program

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