Essay about Critical Thinking Application

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Critically thinking employees are an asset to any organization in today’s business environment. The ability to think through a problem to determine the best solution is necessary to avoid repeat problems that can cost an organization time and revenue. In addition to organizational problems, critical thinking can be applied to an individual’s daily decisions. Regardless if critical thinking is used for individual problems or organizational problems, critical thinking benefits anyone who needs to make a decision.
“Critical thinking is that mode of thinking—about any subject, content, or problem—in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it” (Paul & Elder, 2006,
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One can determine the problem to be a delay in invoice distribution. The goal of the organization is to have the invoice to the customer within three days of issuing the invoice. The effect of the problem is that the customer receiving the invoice two weeks after the invoice was generated.
Second, one must make a decision. The steps in making the decision are identifying the true cause of the problem, determine the alternatives, evaluate possible impacts of the alternatives, and make a decision (University of Phoenix, 2010, Week One Supplement). Determining the root cause of the delay takes a thorough investigation of the invoicing process. On completion of the investigation one discovers the customer is on an end-of-month billing cycle and the customer service representative has several customers on the same cycle, thus creating a delay in distribution of the invoice. Several alternatives are available to resolve the situation. The first alternative is to change the customer’s terms. Changing the customer’s terms is difficult and unlikely because the customer has a contract. The second alternative is to assign one individual to assist with invoice distribution at the end of each month. Assigning one individual to assist with invoice distribution at the end of each month is difficult and unlikely because each employee suffers from the same workload and management is not likely to approve an additional person on

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