Critical Thinking : An Evaluative Form Of Thinking Essay

1175 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Critical thinking is an evaluative form of thinking. The result of the evaluation (critical thinking) can range from positive to negative, from acceptance to rejection or anything in-between. It is a reasonable and reflective thinking that aids individual to make decisions and judgments for problem-solving. It allows individuals to have an inward domain of their own consciousness with a comprehensive state of liberty of thought and feeling. As students, critical thinking allows growth in personal, academic and professional dimensions.
Over the course of this semester, I have greatly improved as a critical thinker. Through writing, I was able to develop evaluation skills with an improvement in the inference and analysis skills. Writing essays require me to explicitly/implicitly show my ideas and thoughts which provided a platform for thinking through the arguments. For example, in the Implicit Association Test, I evaluated my biases I didn’t know I had. While all of the tests measured biases, I feel like the daily biases we have correlated to each of the topics. Race, sexuality, etc., are all sensitive topics (sensitivity may vary per person). I feel like all these tests are doing is putting them in a form in which you can see what your preferences are and interpret or analyze if these were conscious or unconscious biases, or maybe even semiconscious biases. To me, the term "scary" is associated with how the person taking the test reacts to their results and determine…

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