Essay Critical Theories Of Critical Theory

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The definition of Critical theory is basically the one that unmasks how communication can perpetuate the unjust power and the unbalance of society. It is a philosophical approach to life and a specific culture; especially to literature with a concentration in confronting constrains within social, historical, ideological forces and structures. Critical theory is ambiguous enough to make clear valuable judgments concerning patterns of communication and enhance the types that promote a better social world. Critical theory is also a judgment call by an individual based on what that label means to the person (Griffin, E. 2012).
Rieke, R., Sillars, M., & Peterson, T. (1993) states the argument of Critical theorists is that humans should be more aware of how science and other facts of knowledge work jointly in creating oppression. The fact of everyday life is the foundation of humans and is identified in Critical theory. Most people waiting will realize the power and influence on their life and have the ability to overcome any obstacles.
Critical theorists have four main points which are:
1. Reflective refers to the facts that can be revised separately from others that people may have to learn for example values of life.
2. Dialectical refers to people understanding of an ever changing world.
3. Critical askes the question what is wrong with the current society, and figuring out reasonable ways to change it.
4. Immanent critique is basically the major support for critical…

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