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In this report i shall be analysing the different variations in the dissertation by Mr Ashimi Adefesobi in comparison to my own work. i shall be viewing the different strengths and weaknesses i have encountered within the report on both of the dissertation to see if in the future, where improvements are required within my own work and in Mr Ashimi Adefesobi’s. i shall start by reviewing each section of the dissertation followed by structure, language and format at the end.

Abstract and Background it is important to include an abstract along with background information before proceeding to the main body which is the literature review. unfortunately Mr Ashimi Adefesobi lacked the presence of an abstract, thus, lacking key
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fortunately i can see my paragraphs where broken down into even topics which includes the steps i shall be taking within the study and introduces the following chapter smoothly.

Literature review

In this section the author does not explain their connection with the area, as the the purpose of the review is not made evident to me as a reader. Mr Adefesobi uses significantly complex terminology and concepts such as ‘Basel’ for example which are not defined nor are they clarified. This is further bewildering when the organisation of the review and the method of selecting the reviewed materials is none existent. in comparison with my own literature review i have made key explanations of all terminology listed within the review, the review addreses the topic area i have chosen concisely even though it is a broad area, i do however lack grading the importance of some researchers in comparison to others. The headings used to group the literature together has somewhat helped the disorganised topic however it lacks clear articulations between sections to follow it constructively, nonetheless as the sections within the review seems in a logical ordered after attempting to identify what the writer is talking about. There was a slight attempt to explain to the reader the different sections that exist. on the bright side there was citations correctly used

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