Critical Review Process Of Improving The Product Reliability By Using Dfss And Doe

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Critical review process of improving the Product reliability by using DFSS and DOE
In this case it all about the using the DFSS (Design for Six-Sigma) and DOE (Design of Computer Experiments) technique to improve the product reliability through developing substrate development effort for a new product with the large scale technology. Thomas Bertels and Arne Buthmann given that this is a process for developing a technology to make the smaller medical devices in a medical company fallows 10 criteria to conduct a critique review. Hear first we try with simple summary about current Six-Sigma approaches Such as DACE and DFSS.

Appling the Six-Sigma tools for developing the Substrate effort in the medical company to improve the product reliability:

In this case study, the DACE (Design and Analysis of Computer experiments) is applied to the tool to know the risks which are associated with the laser welding in the electronic welding process to develop the substrate product development process. In this process, DACE (Design and Analysis of Computer experiments) is used for computer simulation to predict the stress and warp in the sample which varying the factor levels. The advantages in this making the 8 different samples and the entire work will be done by the computer which saves lot of time, energy and money.

In this DFSS process it contains two steps, the first step is to know about the Critical Parameters (Y’s) which are related with the success of the project…

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