Essay about Critical Review On Critical Inquiry

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1. education?

I think critical inquiry is looking deeper into a specific issue, so that you can form an opinion based on facts and evidence portraying to the issue. Critical inquiry is the process of gathering information, evidence, and ideas to form a thoughtful, well- constructed understanding of a specific issue. Critical inquiry has a direct link to education. This type of approach can be specifically seen in classrooms and schools that use an inquiry-based approach. Although I believe, all teachers should give students the opportunity to use critical inquiry within the classroom. This approach can be used when working through problems and research. Instead of giving students the “right answer” you can allow them to explore the issue or topic on their own. I think critical inquiry is a beneficial skill that students can obtain in the classroom, one which allows them to make reasoned judgments though-out their life.

2. Do you think such a relationship is a happy or an unhappy one? Is it a love/hate kind of relationship? Does this relationship need some couple’s therapy?

Overall, I think that the relationship between critical inquiry and education is a happy one. I believe critical thinking allows students the skills to form their own reasonable judgments and avoid biases. I do think this relationship is very love and hate, since although its beneficial the skill of inquiry can be difficult for some students to obtain. This may cause students frustration and…

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