Essay about Critical Review On Copd Related Outcome Importance Studies

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Strength and limitations
This systematic review is the first and most comprehensive review on COPD related outcome importance studies. The comprehensiveness and the pre-specified eligibility criteria according to the definition of “outcome importance” to inform patient preferences are the strengths of this systematic review. However, there are some limitations for this work, which are worthwhile to be studied in future researches. Firstly, the literature search was conducted in comprehensive but non-specific manner. Further development of literature search strategy for filtering the outcome importance studies could potentially narrow down the scope of screening. Secondly, without a reliable tool for risk of bias assessment, we were unable to assess this aspect. Rather, we summarized the key elements we consider essential to the risk of bias in this type of evidence. Moreover, we included heterogeneous information. Great heterogeneity exists in study design, measurement methodology, and the outcome studied. Lastly, there is no registration for relevant protocols we could refer to assess the publication bias; and we don’t have empirical knowledge to assess in what manner and to what extent the publication bias may affect our systematic review results.
Summary of evidence
With this systematic review on COPD related outcome importance from patient perspective, we identified 170 quantitative and 156 qualitative studies for patient values and preferences. With a large…

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