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11 June 2013
A Critical Response to “Delicate Friend” The essay “Delicate Friend” written by Lauren Jackson is about her social addiction to cigarettes. Lauren’s mother would smoke cigarettes with her friends in the kitchen of their home while gossiping and keeping the children out. Lauren was jealous of this secret group and saw smoking as the bond that brought it all together. Lauren sought to be part of something and she saw cigarettes as the answer to this problem. While perfecting the art of stealing an occasional cigarette she become part of a group, the smokers. Lauren found acceptance and courage and used cigarettes as a social crutch throughout her life. Lauren believes cigarettes taught her life lessons and that is why she
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Lauren gets this idea of using substances as a precursor of socialization from her mother as seen in the quote “ I used to sit in the dining room around the corner of the wall, to be out of view, and listen to her [Lauren’s mother] gossip and smoke while she danced around…” (Jackson 70), in conclusion “It seemed to me that smoking was an invitation to the secrets they shared” (Jackson 70). When kids see adults at parties and bars drinking they are evident to the social aspects that comes along with the alcohol. For example, think of the popular beer commercials on television today, they generally have a lot in common and one of those denominators is that it shows a group of close people enjoying each other’s company. The youth today grow up with the idea that drugs, alcohol and other substances go hand and hand with social gatherings. Regardless of what some may say, participating in illegal activities come with excitement, an adrenaline rush, and a sense of rebellion and satisfaction. While most “hard” drugs are illegal to use, it is also illegal to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol under a designated age. When people do these things illegally they like to take in the feelings that come along with the actions with others. These events bring groups of people together and give people a sense of belonging. This idea is shown in statements made by Lauren, “There is a system to smoking below the legal age. And I had it perfected.” (Jackson 70), she went on to

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