Critical Response ' Bakla And Gay ' By Manalansan A Male Body With A Female Heart '

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Critical Response 3
Bakla and gays are two different types of people. They are defined differently, gay is defined as a male desiring to have sex with other males, the term bakla is someone who is in-between or as described in the book by Manalansan a “male body with a female heart” (pg25). To the Filipino people and their cultutre bakla is a term to describe a third gender they do not see these people as gay. These people speak swardspeak, which is slang that they speak. Furthermore, bakla people are not seen differently by the Filipino people, it is apart of their culture. Bakla people and gays are two different types of people, which can be seen in this book with Manalansans examples.
The term gay and bakla have two different meanings, they may have some similar aspects, however they are two types of people. “Barry Adam (1990) characterized the emergence of gay identity as part of a “modern homosexuality” that arose more distinctly at the turn of the twentieth century and was formalized in the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City in 1969” (pg22). The gay identity is defined by an acknowledgment of a “man” who desires to have sex with other “men”. Being gay is more than just same sex desires and sexual acts, it has a distinctive system. Also the word gay has what many people say a white and more masculine connotation, it is not only someone’s sexuality, however a political and cultural category persay, which the bakla are not. The word gay is more widely used in the…

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