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Inside Southeast Asia
Internal Political Challenges, Inter-State Conflicts and Regional Security
Southeast Asia has been one of the most vibrant regions in recent years. This resilient and dynamic region is one of the major hubs at the heart of Asia and is likely to play a significant role in the rising Asia. It can help shape and evolve the larger regional architecture in the Asia-Pacific region. Inside Southeast Asia, the internal political and social systems and the interaction between the two have created an interesting mix of hope, challenges and threats at the national, bilateral and regional levels. Besides, with the ongoing economic integration and political and security cooperation with regional powers, the regional
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Also, in recent years, due to the growing challenges posed by religious radicalism and terrorism, the dimensions of internal conflicts have become more complex.

Political Transition
Internal political challenges have been one of the persistent problems in Southeast Asia; most of these conflicts have taken the form of armed struggles between the ethnic nationalist groups against the government for independence and attainment of autonomy. Today, the political systems of Southeast Asian

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countries have become unstable, more complex and volatile with regime change, protests and violence by non-state actors and civil unrest. The political uncertainties and changes in a number of Southeast Asian countries are not only affecting the internal stability in these countries but also regional security and the balance between ASEAN and external powers. IPCS intends to investigate and understand the current political situation in these countries, for instance the political instability in Myanmar, emergence of a new generation of politicians in Singapore, whether Thailand will succeed in restoring political stability after its recent elections, the social and political

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