Critical Reflection Essay

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Critical reflection

In the case study group work, we formed a team of four. There were Selena, Elton, Annie and I. we introduced ourselves to others groups members after we formed the group, and we decided Selena to be the team leader. I agreed with that leader is the person who display group-oriented values, values that focus on the welfare of the group rather than on the self-interest of the leader (Graf et al, 2012). We agreed that Selena has the ability to lead our team. Although she is lack of the knowledge of the case study topic, she is an honest and ethical person to be the leader, and we would like to share our ideas with her.

The democratic leadership style was the method we adopted, which meant everyone can be involved in
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In the group work, communication skills and commitment are essential, which required making the most of the contributions of all group members.

Our goal was to present a well researched presentation to the rest of the class and crab others’ interests. In the group discussion, we found that if we just put the critical thinking questions and the theories on the PowerPoint, it seemed to be boring and dull. Annie thought

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