Critical Reflection Paper On English Language Learners

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Critical Reflection Paper

Not all English Language Learners are the same, learn the same way, have the same background knowledge, and have gone through the same life experiences. Because ELLs are diverse, their academic language development is going to be different according to each individual circumstance. In addition to ELLs diversity, their academic language development of English is going to be affected by many factors. Internal factors like age, personality, motivation, experiences, cognition, native language, ethnicity, religious heritage, intellectual capacities, abilities, weaknesses and strengths affect English language development (Brown, 2007). Along with internal factors, external factors like curriculum, instruction, culture and status, and access to native speakers affect the acquisition of English language. Keeping in mind these factors math and science teachers should design their instruction in a way that fulfills ELLs’ needs to acquire academic language.
Teachers should keep in mind that ELLs go through stages of cultural adjustment. ELLs go through the first stage which is called the “Honey Moon Stage”, where students show enthusiasm and excitement (Kersaint, Thompson, & Petkova, 2013, p. 25) The second stage is the “Hostility Stage” in which ELLs get annoying about everything in the new culture (Kersaint, Thompson, & Petkova, 2013, p. 25). The third stage is the “Home Stage” where the student achieves a sense of understanding of the new culture.…

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