Critical Reflection on the Extent to Which Learning Can Contribute to the Personal Development, Economic Growth and Community Regeneration of Your Learners

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1. Critical reflection on the extent to which learning can contribute to the personal development, economic growth and community regeneration of your learners

‘For people to consider improving their skills, they need to be aware of and motivated by the benefits of doing so. They must see a link between skills development and achieving their own personal ambitions’ (Leitch Review of Skills Final Report, 2006).
There is no doubt at all that learning has a great impact on personal development and socio-economic success. A well embedded learning and development strategy will certainly increase personal capability and release high performance. Evidence shows that ‘learning and its benefits are dynamic in the sense that benefits gained in
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This means doubling attainment at most levels of skill. Responsibility for achieving ambitions must be shared between Government, employers and individuals
The review also recommended that everyone should have basic skills which are represented as level 2, although for a small number this may be unobtainable. Adults with intermediate skills should move from a level 2 to level 3. Management skills will improve by achieving a level 4 qualification. The provision of courses available must become more flexible and responsive to the needs of employers.
The recommendations were to have a greater emphasis on vocational courses, those that end with a qualification so that they can be used within the workforce. Local employers need to be consulted on what skills they require their workforce to have so that the courses offered are relevant to the local community. Colleges need to work within the community to offer essential skills by providing outreach to those that would not be able to access the college, ensuring inclusion. Students should receive impartial advice from colleges with regard to courses that suit them and not the college.
Although initial education (early years and compulsory) is most effective in changing an individual’s life, even a relatively short course of adult education can have beneficial effects. As a Basic Skills teacher I have seen strong

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