Critical Reflection On Learning English Language

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The critical reflection mainly focuses on one of my personal learning experiences which remain immemorial in my life. Majority of students in my country start learning English language from a very early age that is from grade three. Though schools try to provide best education facilities to their students, it’s not possible for every student to gain the exact knowledge, as sometimes teachers teach too fast, sometimes the topics are not very interesting and mainly for these reasons students are not capable of improving their learning skills and competencies related to English language. The same happened with me, although I seemed to achieve an average score in English language, it did not help me to improve my English speaking skills
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However, in my school, although students are provided with English textbooks free of charge, the teachers in our school teach English in native language that is the language we use for speaking in our country. As a result, this hampers our learning and speaking skills, and although we learn English language at school, very rarely we practice it within the classroom (Saeed, Khaksari and Ghani 2016). Furthermore the examination system focuses more on the writing and reading skills, but any importance is not given to the speaking and listening skills. Being a student, I believe that this educational system had a negative impact on my speaking skills, as in a majority of schools in my country, the topmost priority of English language teaching and learning had been given to the writing and reading skills. As a student, although my writing and reading skills were strong, and I used to get high grades in the school assessments, prior to that my speaking and listening skills were very poor , I was not capable of utilizing my skills effectively . This made me disappointed and as a result of that, I lost my level of confidence and by seeing this downfall, my parents were also worried (Velastegui et al. 2016). Though they tried to support me and help me out with every possible ways they can in order to encourage me, it made no success. However, …show more content…
This learning style is widely preferred by many students as this helps to influence behaviour and learning process of the students. Accordingly, with the implication of VARK, my English teacher applied visual and auditory learning styles and accordingly tried to teach us through images, graphs and map diagram (Wright and Stokes 2015). Apart from this, she has also conducted group discussions, and extempore sessions, where students need to speak on any random topic. With the help of this sessions, I was able to redraw the content from my memory, and I also used to record my notes and used to listen to the notes numerous times on tape. This sessions helped me slowly in improving my listening skills (Alshehry, Sedlmayr and Cork 2016). The theory of multiple intelligences that comprises of eight learning styles by Howard Gardner has also been implemented by my English teacher during the tutorial class. The eight learning styles comprises of intra-personal, spatial, naturalistic, musical, linguistic, logical, interpersonal and existential. This learning style enables readers to

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