Critical Reflection: In-Class Production

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In this Critical reflection, I will be covering two productions and the production class overall. One was an in-class workshop and the other was a rewrite of a movie scene, my team got given the Annie Hall rewrite.

In the Annie Hall Scene Rewrite I chose to be the Director of photography and the Editor. In the class production, we got to experience what it would be like to try out different main roles such as Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Assistant director and clapper but not set design, I would off have liked to try it out. I discovered that my technical and creative strength are what I expected them to be prior to starting both productions. My technical strengths were operating and working with the camera and attachments.
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I know now that no matter how much I dislike it, project management is something that must be done and I am working on learning how to make the most out of it so that I can get tasks done quicker on the day of filming. Next time I will pre-plan much better and spend more time on it to get the best results. Hiring actors was a great part of the whole Annie Hall production. It was great meeting new people and seeing how it is to cast actors in real life. Before that I didn’t have a clue how to cast actors and now I will be using that method much more as we got plenty of great actors auditioning. It’s also great for the budget we were on because they sometimes work for free or a very small price. This brings me onto our budget. The in-class production had no budget but the Annie hall remake did. Because it was a SAE production we did not have to pay to hire out any equipment but for set design, food and hiring the actors it was a bit pricey for me as a university student. Next time I will get much more prior notice and save additional money if it’s a larger production such as a short film or something. It was great having to spend money on the production because it let me see how much we would have to spend on a small production on just actors and food not including camera hire which would cost a lot more on larger

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