Critical Reflection Of An Effective Teacher

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Teachers should practice maintaining positive behaviours in all situations. Educators must develop a positive, respectful working relationship, attain standards of professional and ethical conduct in relation to children, parents, and teachers, and promote conditions for success for students with special needs. It is teacher’s responsibility to monitor, evaluate, and report student progress in learning areas; implement different strategies to meet the diverse needs of all students, plan and organize for instruction, classroom organization, monitor students progress and potential, and professionalism. Students learn to independently take responsibility for managing their own behaviours. They consistently complete tasks such as submitting class …show more content…
It is teacher’s responsibility to monitor student’s progress and facilitate student’s understanding of how to assess his or her own performance. An effective teacher would encourage and motivate students to take risks and create a sustained effort. Educators should maintain professional by engaging in dialogue with students, teachers, parents, and staffs and constantly establishing respects, openness, and expertise. In my professional practice, I would continuously reflect on my teaching, personally and with my peers to improve my weaknesses, honour the integrity of all persons, treat colleagues with respect, work collaboratively with faculty, and seek professional development …show more content…
Critical reflection involves debating the range of knowledge to make meaning of the theories and practices. I believe critical reflection is being open and truthful with myself and understanding my own feelings. My goal is to cultivate and modify my approaches and strategies by taking risks in learning, using feedback to grow and assessing my actions and actions of others, thus developing a positive relationship as a teaching practitioner. I would keep reflecting critically on my own strengths and needs by keep questioning my role as an educator and a learner. As an educator, I would foster an environment that helps students to develop self-regulation abilities by supporting students to set their goals and monitor progress towards achieving them, seek assistance when needed, determine learning opportunities and strategies that meet personal needs, and endeavour when encountering

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