Essay on Critical Reflection : My Personal Reflection

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Critical Reflection #1 What is the most significant challenge I’m facing so far in my teaching role and how am I or might I handle that challenge? I choose this question for my critical reflection because I know it is a question I can revisit quite often. Currently, I feel I am faced with several challenges, all of which I believe I can overcome. The most significant challenge I am facing so far in my teaching role is being able to teach and feel that the words I am saying sound natural and more conversational. I taught my first lesson on September 1st. I taught a pre-planned lesson by my Mentor teacher, Michelle Hill, on the Compass Rose. At first I was a little nervous but took quite a bit of time thinking about what I would say to the students. When it came time to teach them what a compass rose is, the directions, and why we use it, I felt like I was able to get my point across. However, once I got all of my words out that I had pre-planned, I felt kind of stuck. I do not think that the students noticed because I filled the time with asking directional questions and explaining the art project that coincided with the compass rose lesson.
I appreciate that the more natural flow of words will come with experience and planning. The next lesson I present to the class, I think I should use the lesson plan outline that I received in Friday seminar. This will help me focus my ideas, plan what I want to say, and know where I am headed in the end with the lesson. I also…

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