Accounting Reflective Report

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I got a good internship opportunity to work at LG Accounts Ltd (LG) as a Accounting Assistant to finish my IBL course in this semester. This is a good opportunity I have gained practical experience and applied theoretical accounting skill of accounting work. My internship project is tax implications of buying and selling residential property in New Zealand. By the end of internship, I am very pleasure to receive a permanent position of Accounting Assistant at LG. I need to thank both to the Unitec IBL programme and my host supervisor Leon. IBL course gave me an opportunity to undertaken a real project to support LG. Leon offer a me a job to fulfill my future accounting development.
This critical reflection essay is focusing on my working experience
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I need to ask help to my peer and learn for them. The thing makes me happy is my two colleagues Marry and Miya are very nice people. When I face problems, I ask for help. They are willing to help me. We have set a very good working relationship and make work done effectively. My work standards is making my work done accurate and timely and my colleagues same as me. It is important to the account job to make every transaction accuracy to follow the guideline. Beyond that, the objective time management skill is quite important. I developed a spreadsheet of time management for LG. This spreadsheet can help LG to traclk their work whether finish or not. It can increase work efficiency and save time as well as making work organize. In addition, I consider the skill of customer service and timekeeping are also very important to me. My work includes meet customers and gave them tax advice. Good customer satisfaction is an essential thing to company. Therefore, in order to improve company's competitive advantage, the excellent customer service in term of correct tax advice and is very important. The timekeeping is very important skill as accountant because as for …show more content…
At first, I thought the expectation of accounting job is interesting and I can use my knowledge to analyze data. In fact, within the period of time working, my main job is to repeat regular tasks. It is quite different between my expectation and actual experience. These tasks are typing input transaction data via MYOB software. Although it is boring, it is the essential first step of analyzing data for the next step. It is quite new to me is using my taxation knowledge to apply in the workplace. Some customers come to our company to consult about residential property sales, I am so confident to provide my professional knowledge to services. I felt quite confident of doing my job compare with before. I can do my job independently. I felt comfortable in my account assistant role and I learnt lots from Leon and my peers. I learn from the feedback from the collaborative assessment meeting. It helps me find my weakness in terms of my confident of deal with customers and problem solving. The best of myself future relationship is effective teamwork by active listening and proactive communication

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