My Reflection On Rhetoric

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At the beginning of the quarter, I already knew this course would be hard because English is not my first language and writing has been my weakest subject. As I stated in my midterm cover letter, I started this course with minimal knowledge about “cool”, and did not feel confident enough to analyze and write rhetorically about it. However, as we quickly worked through this quarter, I am surprised about the knowledge that I learned toward rhetoric and different aspects of “cool”. As heading toward the last week of this course, I have built a community within my peers and developed an understanding on the functions of rhetoric elements and how they are used in analysis. In the first half of the quarter, I was on the stage of learning from my …show more content…
As the Critical Reading Exercises are purposely assigned to help us learning the techniques that we would need to write the RA paper, I often did poorly on them (Figure-2). I was summarizing the readings instead of analyzing them, and I often used quotes, but not explaining the use of them. However, the failures of the Critical Reading Exercises have helped me to succeed in the RA paper, where I was able to analyze the resources that I found to support my argument of Cheongsam is “cool” (Figure-1). The RA paper also shows that I have learned how to use context, audience, message, purpose, ethos, pathos, logos to unpack my …show more content…
In the RA paper, I was analyzing how Cheongsam was sold to me as “cool”, and I have analyzing my project in the RIP essay. Both the RA and RIP paper require the use of ethos, pathos, and logos. They also need to include clear context, audience, message, and purpose. As I did the first two drafts of the RIP essay, I was still lack of a definition of “cool”, and I was analyzing more about the topic rather than analyzing how I am going to persuade my audience (Figure-3). When I was doing the final draft of the RIP, I realized that this is similar to the RA, where I first need to state my definition of cool, and then use something to show my concept of cool. In the first two drafts for the RIP, I was analyzing why skydiving is cool and did not include much about the presentation. After knowing that I was doing it wrong, in the final draft, I was analyzing why I chose a specific audience and

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