Critical Reading And Critical Thinking Essay

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Essay Question 4
Most of the general public can agree that reading is a simple pleasure that many take for granted. Reading is an activity that adults and children alike find comfort in. Weather they are reading a newspaper, a magazine, a novel or even a comic book, reading is a universally activity that different kind of people can enjoy. However, there are times when people read their reading material but don’t actually analyze what they are reading. Critical reading is described in the Content Area Reading and Writing textbook as basically being able to look at what we are reading on a deeper level. Being able to construct inquisitive and complex questions that lead to critical thinking. Usually, when students read they just read over the words and that’s it. They don’t stop and analyze the material they are reading. They don’t question why it happened, who did it and the motives they had. Critical reading and critical thinking go hand in hand. These two strategies are monumental to understand a material on a deeper level. Students need to get used to being able to perform these methods at an early age, that way they won’t have trouble later on. An activity that would definitely foster critical reading would be Inquiry Questions (IQs). According to the textbook Content Area Reading and Writing by Norman Unrau, IQ is basically teaching the students to ask themselves questions as they read and learn (Unrau, 2008, p. 248)”. Inquiry questions is similar to what Blooms…

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