Critical Race Theory With The Material From The Intuitionist Essay

987 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
In particular, connecting critical race theory with the material from The Intuitionist draws attention to how identity is overshadowed by race and how people in that category are making the effort to define themselves outside of their race. Critical race theory seeks to examine the principle of race and how that influences how one recognizes other people 's experiences. Hooks in the “Postmodern Blackness” highlights the value of critical race theory by expressing how it is important for the identity of African-Americans need to be represented more to the public to understand their experiences. In addition, one does not have to perform their labeled identity to be recognized. In The Intuitionist, the protagonist character Lila Mae has to constantly hold herself to a high standard because it was an accomplishment for her as well as the public to know she was the first African-American woman to become an elevator inspector. Judging based upon the content of this piece of work, African-Americans were seen as the help, taking on domestic jobs servicing those who look down upon them which would define the African-American race as a whole to others. As a result, since the African-American experience was being recognized that way, critical race theory enhances the understanding of this piece of work because one can understand why Lila Mae wants to be recognized for her accomplishments first than being defined by the stigma of her skin. Therefore, whenever she meets new people and…

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