Critical Race Theory And Discourse Analysis Essay

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One of the main part of social control, is the public confidence in the police. Social conditions and neighborhood incivilities, which impact the express level of contentment with the criminal justice system, and which the role neighborhood level incivilities play in the quality of the situation between the police and the public. Because of inequality, social stratification, socioeconomic status, and high levels of disadvantage made people have poorer attitudes toward the criminal justice system. Rodney king were beating brutally by four police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department on March 3, 1991. Which became the face of Police brutality in America reality that was generally accepted by most blacks that resided within and outside of the inner city. This incident woke up the worst multicultural riot in U.S. History, it instantaneously and simultaneously became a catalyst for hope and change against law enforcement system that has been harsh to African American males. This Qualitative study has one primary goal that uses critical Race Theory and Discourse Analysis as tool to meet this goal. Although the Rodney King video tape beating were not enough of a tragic lesson for Police Department across the country, police beatings and killings of African Americana and other individuals of color, continue. Although several Scholars have examined the increasing rate of the police brutality against blacks, no studies to date have critically examined…

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