Essay on Critical Path Methode (Cpm)

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There are projects going on all around us everyday. Some are large and some are small. Projects are unique, it is one time operation designed to accomplish a set of objectives in a limited time frame. Example of projects includes designing new products or services, construction of shopping mall, merging two companies and designing and running a political campaign. They all involves tremendous amount of planning, preparation, and co-coordinating work that needs to be done. Projects may involve considerable costs. Some have a long time horizon, and some involves a large number of activities that must be carefully planned and coordinated. To accomplish this, goal must be established and priorities set. Task must be identified
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Path: sequence of activities that leads from the starting to the ending nodes.
Critical path: the longest path, determines expected project durations.
Network diagram: diagram of project activities that shows sequential relationship by use of arrows(arc) and nodes.
Slack: allowable slippage for a path, the difference between the lengths of a path and the length of the critical path.
ES: the earliest time activity can start.
EF: the earliest time the activity can finish.
LS: the latest time the activity can start and not delay the project.
LF: the latest time the activity can finish and not delay the project.
EOP: end of project.
BOP: beginning of project.
Forward pass: calculating the earliest start dates moving from left to right along a network.
Backward pass: calculation of the latest finish time by working from finish to start.
Duration: length of time needed to complete an activity.

Methodology tools

By using CPM, we are able to graphical display of project activity, estimate how long the project will take, indicate of which activity are the most critical to timely projection completion, and how long any activity can be delayed without delaying the project.


Forward pass: The purpose of the forward pass is to compute the earliest start and finish time for each activity in the project. The forward pass

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