Essay on Critical Literacy Is A Literacy

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There are four kinds of literacy in our daily life, functionalist literacy, a basic literacy to help people achieve the basic knowledge and need; cultural literacy, a literacy usually use grace language, stories to tell next generation about the experiences; literacy-for-personal-growth, a literacy about nurturing the personal ability of learning language; critical literacy, a literacy help people to find themselves and show the way how people think (Knoblauch 451-457). Critical literacy is a literacy relate on the personal experience and it is easy to be affected by others, and it is consisted of different factors instead of one. There are many factors could affect the way people think, which means critical literacy is related on many elements. Critical literacy is “reading and writing abilities with a critical consciousness of the social conditions in which people find themselves” (Knoblauch 456). Reading and writing abilities are belong to the education, and the way people think is related on the environments they live in and backgrounds of their life experiences.
Civic education is a way to build the critical literacy. Many schools are advertising the brands to students, they creating markets on campus for some food companies, like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Cola (Barber 417-418). Students are easy to learn about the different brands from school during their education time, which might make them think about education as a market of business. Different way students think…

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