Critical Literacy For The Classroom Essay

1177 Words Jul 7th, 2015 null Page
Not often do we talk about critical literacy and its place in the classroom. Many new initiatives have begun to take place in education surrounding literacy and effective practices to better prepare our students for college or the workforce. After checking my state’s department of education website, I failed to find specific information about critical literacy. With limited knowledge on the topic, several definitions were explored. From these definitions, I will conclude with a usable definition of critical literacy for the classroom.
Gove and Still (2014) defines critical literacy as a “perspective toward literacy that is anchored in particular lines of thinking of what it means to be literate in our relationship with the earth and other human beings” (p.255). Critical literacy should aid students’ development beyond making meaning of the text, but how the text affects the reader and the author belief and view of the natural world. Paolo Freire (1970) defines critical literacy as making “readers as active participants in the reading process and inviting them to move beyond passively accepting the text’s message to question, examine, or dispute the power relations that exist between readers and authors. It focuses on issues of power and promotes reflection, transformation, and action.” Temple (n.d.) states that “what we read and hear is often in need of analysis and interpretation, and what we speak and write may need to be reworked, so that we make clear claims that are…

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