Essay about Critical Foundations On Student Learning

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Literature suggests that positive learning environments are built on student – teacher relationships and that these relationships provide the critical foundations upon which to support positive learning. As a mathematics tutor who recently completed an honours thesis based on student understanding, I stand in full agreeance of the literature, before I can adequately tutor a struggling student I need to understand how that student learns. This understanding of student learning is best gained through building a positive relationship with the student and as stated by Skemp (1976) ‘talking with the student, is undoubtedly the best way to assess which mental processes were used’. I believe students must feel that their learning is important, be self-confident and be comfortable in the learning environment to become successful learners this belief also aligns with Education Queensland ‘every student succeeding’ policy (2016).
Therefore, during my second practicum, I observed and taught in the year 10 extension maths lessons and took every opportunity to build relationships with the students. I created a class profile and an individual profile for each student; these profiles were augmented with insight gained through discussions with their teacher and in conjunction with OneSchool data gave me valuable insight into each student’s social and cognitive development.
Through the collection and interpretation of this baseline data, I was able to establish students’…

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