Critical Evaluation Of The Gender Gap At School Essay example

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Critical Evaluation of “The Gender Gap at School” In David Brook’s “The Gender Gap at School” he starts out by talking about the gender-segregated sections in the airport. In this idea he mentions that one of the gender-segregated section is the bookstore. He talks about the difference between the men and women’s section saying men’s books are about being triumphant against evil, while women focus on books about feelings. The essay then goes into as study about the favorite novels of the genders. When analyzing the study, he finds that “the men preferred novels written by men, often revolving around loneliness and alienation” (Brooks 390). While “The women leaned toward books written by women. The women’s books described relationships and are a lot better than the books the men choose. When Brook’s goes into the explanation on why this is he makes the assumption that one of the reasons is that men are unwise and do not value what good written literature is. Brook’s other reason was that women’s brains are set up differently so that the can process emotion through words more than men. With no evidence stated, David Brook’s continues to point out the differences amongst men and women making general assumptions about the male and female population. He narrowed down his general idea to biological factors affecting the reading taste of the genders, and that boys and girls need to be taught in different ways. It is mentioned that “reading rates are falling three times as fast…

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