Essay on Critical Evaluation Of A Critically Ill And Elderly Patients

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Literature Review
Critically ill and elderly patients are very vulnerable to pressure ulcer in our nursing home today. The aim of this review is to sum up various studies that targets the techniques through evidence based practice, prediction of pressure ulcers and their risk factors, and how to improve the health of patient that has developed pressure ulcers and educational knowledge for the professionals caring for these group of patients. These studies involve Qualitative and quantitative research approach.
Pressure Ulcer is associated with high mortality, morbidity and high health care costs. In addition, it also causes pain, suffering, infection, a lower quality of life, extended hospital stay and even death in severe cases. In reviewing the “Improving wound and pressure area care in a nursing home” Sprakes, K., & Tyrer, J. (2010) demonstrated the authors worked with the nursing home supervisor to recognize four key staff medical attendants who might be upheld through the competency-based system. Two hypothetical instructional courses were conveyed by the authors and included one day on wound evaluation and one day on pressure ulcer anticipation and administration Sprakes, K., & Tyrer, J. (2010). The study also clarified that Pressure ulcers are connected with significant human and monetary expense and below is the pressure ulcer grading criteria which will aid nursing professional to identity each type with it’s characteristics;
a) Category/stage I…

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