Critical essay on gay marriage

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To begin, I must admit that I approached David Blankenhorn's book The Future of Marriage with some trepidation, as I know that he is against extending marriage to same-sex couples. After reading the book, however, I have to give him credit for approaching the issue with more respect than most who believe in preserving “family values.” He doesn't fall into the easy and usual trap of moralizing about homosexuality being "wrong," "perverted," or "unnatural." In fact, he goes as far as saying "homosexual behavior is an important and normal (expected) occurrence in human societies" (Blankenhorn 115) and "[w]e as a society can and should accept the dignity of homosexual love and the equal worth of gay and lesbian persons" (179). Such …show more content…
The study looked at 40 different outcomes, but reported data for children with "lesbian mothers" and those with "gay fathers" separately. Therefore, there actually were 80 outcome measures that could be said to compare children with "homosexual parents" to those from other family structures. When compared with outcomes for children raised by an "intact biological family" (with a married, biological mother and father), the children of homosexuals did worse, or, in the case of their own sexual orientation, were more likely to deviate from the societal norm on 77 out of 80 outcome measures. The only exceptions being: children of "gay fathers" were more likely to vote; children of lesbians used alcohol less frequently; and children of "gay fathers" used alcohol at the same rate as those in intact biological families. It found that children of homosexual fathers are nearly three times as likely, and children of lesbian mothers are nearly four times as likely, to identify as something other than heterosexual.
In fact, an important article published in relation with the Regnerus study, by Loren Marks, Louisiana State University, analyzes the previous studies cited in a 2005 policy brief on homosexual parents by the American Psychological Association, APA, (Marks 35-51). Marks debunks the APA's claim that "not a single study has found children of lesbian or gay parents to be

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