Critical Dialogue Outline: Gender Power And Violence

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Critical Dialogue Outline:
Gendered Violence

A. Introduction:
I am doing Gender Power and Violence, and chapter 12 mentions several subtopics related to gender violence, such as sexual harassment on campuses, rapes, and intimate partner violence. I am interested in the intimate partner violence because it elaborates on the violence that occurs in a romantic relationship. It mentioned that the centers for disease control (CDC)2011 report states that one in four US women has been violently attacked by husband or boyfriend, and one in seven men has been violently attacked by wives or girlfriends (Woods).

B. Thesis:
This means that most of the victims are females in relationship dispute because men are less likely to report it. We will investigate the difference between women and men in violence and the cycle of intimate partner violence.

C. Broader Issue:
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Duke, Alan. “Chris Brown Pleads Guilty in Rihanna Assault; Other Incidents Surface.” CNN. Cable News Network , 26 Aug. 2009. Web.23 June 2016.

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G. Class Discussion
1. How did the assault affect or not affect Chris Brown’s Career?
2. Why are men less likely to report abuse?
3. What is another alternative to gain respect or have your spouse comply with your demand without using violence?
4. How can we reduce gendered violence?
5. Can abusive individuals change with counseling?
6. What can women do to stop violence in their relationship?
7. Can the abuse of the perpetrator stop on its own?
8. Why are victims of violent relationship not safe if they left the abusive relationship?
9. Why do most victims not leave abusive relationships?
10. How does violence in relationship affect children?
11. How do media play a part in gendered

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