Essay about Critical Assessment Of Sentiments Of The Nation

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Critical Assessment of “Sentiments of the Nation,’ Chilpancingo, Mexico”

Mexico had a hard time gaining independence around 1810-1815. The two men leading this struggle were Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos, both parish priests. Hidalgo was more reformed and quirky whereas Morelos was a little lack luster but had more respect from the community. Hidalgo made an insurrection in 1810 that expressed his opposition toward colonial government and the immigrant Spanish elite. Despite it declaring a rush for independence, he was still executed. Morelos took over and tried to lay the pavement however he was killed too. Before he was punished, he had written a declaration of independence of his own called the “Sentiments of the Nation.”

Morelos was a priest of a poor parish in the lowland of Michoacán. He was a creole Spaniard according to his baptismal record but apparently he was an Afromestizo. He came from modest roots and was not as educated as Hidalgo thus relied more on the experiences he had in life to teach others the word of god. His purpose in writing the sentiments was to appeal for better without attacking the officials as harshly as Hidalgo by creating a storm. Since people thought of him as having less intelligence he probably wanted to show that he was capable of creating a powerful message demanding for Mexico’s national independence. He had hand on experience with the people of Michoacán while being a priest and I assume witnessed their struggle on a daily…

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