Critical Analysis of Apple Computers Essay examples

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Week 8 Individual Assignment
Critical Analysis of Apple Computers
University of Maryland University College
December 1, 2015

This paper was prepared for AMBA 640, Section 9040, taught by Professor Stewart.

Executive Summary Apple, Inc. is one of the world’s most valuable and respected brands. People stand in line for hours and sometimes days, just to get their hands on the newest Apple device. How did Apple take over the technology business? What can we learn from their continued success? According to Forbes, Apple is worth over $741.8 billion ( Apple dominates the computer hardware and Smartphone industries by designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality products. Apple keeps up with the fast paced changes in
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OS X® El Capitan included “updates to window management, built-in apps and Spotlight® search, and performance improvements to make everyday activities — like launching and switching apps, opening PDFs and accessing email” making use more effective and efficient (Apple, Inc). On October 13, 2015, Apple made updates to the entire iMac® family by introducing a “new Retina® 4K display to the 21.5-inch iMac for the first time and the Retina 5K display to every 27-inch iMac” (Apple, Inc.). The new Retina displays drastically improve image quality making videos and photos more realistic.
On November 9, 2015, Apple announced the release of the iPad Pro™, Apple Pencil™, and Apple’s new Smart Keyboard ( The iPad Pro™, is Apple’s largest ever iPad, at 12.9 inches. Earlier models of the iPad ranged from 7 to 9.4 inches. Aside from its larger size, the iPad Pro™ has other features new to the iPad world. The iPad Pro™ utilizes Apple’s newest operating system, iOS9. The iPad Pro™ also has a “Smart Connector” which is able to provide both data and power to other devices. Two accessories were designed to go with the iPad Pro™. The Apple Pencil™ is “a pressure-sensitive stylus with multiple sensors that are able to detect position, force, and tilt” ( The Apple Pencil™ has better precision than other stylus’s, making it easier to draw sketches, make notes, and play games. The new Smart Keyboard interfaces with the iPad Pro™ using the

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