Essay On Sexual Stereotypes In The Media

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Critical Response Essay Throughout our history, our society was created based in our ancestry history and culture, and how little by little, generation by generation, society is educated and formed by these ideals. From the video “Sexual Stereotypes in the Media” and Lorber’s explanation of how gender is socially constructed that causes stereotyping, to Chavez-Garcia and Meyer’s explanation on how society is educated through cultural and social norms and idealism, while the video “Women of Hope” shows the impact of how individuals are created through those norms and idealisms.
In Lorber’s article, “Night to His Day,” she expresses the idea of how gender is socially constructed and how a “man” or a “woman” is defined to “maintain the gender order” (Lorber, 1994, p. 60). Our society has constructed the ideal of having two recognized gender statuses to define the difference between them, and give a harder time to those who do not follow it. This becomes a problem
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From commercials and magazines, from films to the television, the media strengthens the two categories of gender: a man and a woman, “to help organize our reality” (Sexual Stereotypes in the Media, 2009). Showing a man in a suit that shows class, or a man who is muscular and tough that shows power, versus a woman in a dress as a housemaid, or a woman with almost no clothing at all, shows a fragile being that is used to satisfy the sexual tendencies of a male. But the media did not start the concept of stereotyping, it started with cartoons, illustrations, posters, magazines and newspapers, the images were an important part of what the ideal is, what an “American” should look like and behave (Sexual Stereotypes in the Media, 2009). This raises eyebrows and questions, how powerful media can be that we as the consumer cannot do much but to obey

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