Critical Analysis Paper John Craftsman Case Study

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Findings and Recommendations of the John Craftsman
Workplace Injury Case Study

Rebecca K. Decker

University of Maryland University College

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A recent workplace injury in the International Building Materials Company’s truss construction production shop has raised concerns among employees regarding shop safety and the integrity of the equipment used in daily work activities. At the request of Executive Management, an investigation of the accident was conducted to determine what is known and not know about the incident. The goal of this investigation was to ascertain the root cause of the accident and to identify the appropriate course of action by the Company going forward that
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Since that did not happen, it is Mr. Waffler’s belief that equipment was safe and suitable for use in the truss construction production shop. Mr. Waffler’s position is reasonable because it is based on established company protocols and upon his firsthand knowledge of the work performance of the shop foreman.
Harry Hillman is the shop foreman and is responsible for ensuring that all equipment is maintained and suitable for use. Mr. Hillman also disagrees with Mr. Craftsman’s position that the company is at fault. Mr. Hillman’s opinion is based on his personal knowledge that the table saw used by Mr. Craftsman had been inspected and property maintained as recommended by the manufacturer and as required by company policy. Mr. Hillman maintains detailed maintenance records on all equipment used in the production shop and these records confirm that the equipment was properly maintained.

What We Don’t Know and What It Could Mean

The shop foreman, Mr. Hillman, stated that he observed the injured employee laughing, joking, and goofing around just prior to the accident and believes the behavior of the employee may have directly contributed to the incident. No evidence has been provided to support this statement, such as Mr. Hillman or Mr. Waffler reprimanding the employee for his unsafe behavior;

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