Critical Analysis : Ott, Parkes, And Simpson Essay

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In this week’s reading assignment, Ott, Parkes, and Simpson (2008) introduces an assemblage of seven different readings from various theorists on the studies performed on groups and teams. The reading provides an understanding of how organizations can employ the expertise and originality of individuals into functioning efforts of groups. Also, three topic points, such as diversity, self-directed work teams, and virtual teams, offers additional interests in groups and teams that have taken center stage in literature during the 1990s and 2000s.
Critical Analysis of Literature Reviewed
Upon analyzing the reading literature, the common theme of the seven articles affords an understanding of positive human behavior, along with how individualism and organizational needs allow for the successful contributions toward participation in a team or group. Related articles are partitioned into the common theme or trait that rose during the analysis. Furthermore, the first four articles below investigate groups, whereas the remaining three articles focus on teams. Lastly, teams or groups only means of survival is through performance; without performance, the team or group will have no reason to exist.
Dynamics in Groups
• Alderfer (1987) provides research on intergroup relations on group dynamics. The study suggests a means of differentiating intergroup theory from nonintergroup theory along with the differentiation among the various versions of intergroup…

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