Critical Analysis of the Descent of Man by Charles Darwin Essay

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In the essay The Descent Of Man by Charles Darwin excerpted from his book The Origin Of Species (1871), he tries to describe evolution through the natural selection of accumulated favorable variations in an organism that in time form new species within which the fact that man is descended from a lower-organized life form is prescribed to, by giving evidence of similarities of the characters of man which determine embryonic development, bodily structure, sexual selection, cerebral system with those of lower-life forms and in which he evidently succeeds and it is evident that man is not a separate art of creation and is descended of a common progenitor like all other mammals and though questions can be raised against his theory in terms of …show more content…
It is obvious that Religion corresponds to an unshakable instinct and that religion in itself would suffer no harm from scientific discoveries, but, it is also obvious that these discoveries change the way people think and thus change their views and perception of the truth. Darwin’s work on the descent of man shed light on previously revealed problems as they were viewed ‘by the light of our knowledge of the organic world’15 and left no doubt about the origin of man- that they had indeed evolved from lower life forms. This, shook the long held belief of the “Great Chain Of Being” which placed Man in the middle of the chain as the theory of Darwinism spontaneously opposed this belief and placed man in a position where he had a common progenitor and also because Darwin simply explained the natural history of man and did not speak of God who was then believed to be is still believed to be, by people at large, as the Creator. This refuted the idea propagated by the Church and proved that all Men were equal by

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