Girls Like Us Rachel Lloyd Summary

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Rachel Lloyd, the author of "Girls like us " is the founder of GEMs, which stands for girls educational and mentoring services. Rachel works in New York City and her mission is to help girls that have been domestically exploited and trafficked on a regular basis. Rachel works to get these young girls off the streets and get them the education and resources they need in order to succeed outside of the lifestyle of prostitution. These girls in the commercial sex industry can range in age, race, ethnicity, and even socioeconomic group. Rachel in particular works with young women, who prostitute themselves and are reliant on men to get them out of poverty. Rachel Lloyd writes this memoir, to tell her story of once being in the exact circumstance as the women she's trying to help are in. Rachel tells her story of being a young woman in England, who comings from a very compromised upbringing, gets herself in dangerous situations, and in order to survive has to go against her principles. In the …show more content…
When they first meet their so-called "boyfriend"/ " daddy"/ pimp, they are so in love with the idea that someone finally paid attention to them, that the idea of love, support, sex becomes so distorted. Everyone in their life, whether it be their family, community, law enforcement, and social workers had treated them less than. For many years girls in the commercial sex industry are being treated as criminals rather than victims. Not only had the people that are supposed to protect them failed them but so had the system. The American system is two-tailed, where people only see girls that came from other countries as real trafficked girls, but girls in America are seen as a prostitute and wanting and liking the life style. But the sad reality is, global and domestic sexual exploitation looks the same. Girls are physically and psychologically broken, that choice becomes

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