Critical Analysis Of My Critical Analysis Essay

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A Critical Analysis of My Critical Analyzing Strategies
Throughout my life as I progressed through the various levels of English I have never been able to shed a recurring problem. That problem being, my ability to read literary material and isolate fundamental key points of the piece to create a written argument. This issue persisted until grade twelve when my English teacher Mrs. Quinn readily addressed the issue. During this year of school, Mrs. Quinn taught me methods of literary analysis which allowed me to dissect the text in an efficient and academic manner. Looking back on these techniques they mirror that of Rhetorical strategies highlighted by Christina Haas and Linda Flower in their article “Rhetorical Reading Strategies and the Construction of Meaning”, as well as Keith Grant-Dave in his article “Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituent”. Using these techniques, I was able to understand the reading at hand and go a step further, constructing an in depth analytical argument about the text. With these methods of rhetoric reading I found that I started to approach my argumentative papers with strategies similar to Stuart Greene in his paper, “Argument as Conversation: The Role of Inquiry in Writing a Research Argument”. As I struggled to learn these techniques my analysis skills slowly but surely advanced and by the end of the semester I could craft a very well written critical analysis of a piece of literature.
To set the scene a little better, I was entering…

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