A Life Influences On John Keats's Life

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Poet’s often have a topic they like to write about. Poetry is a writer trying to convey an idea to the reader. Poet’s like to talk about nature, religion, and may various other things. John Keats is not like other poets of his time period. John Keats wrote about was his life. John Keats’s life was remarkable in the sense of everything that was packed into his short lived life. Two of Keats’s major life experiences were love and death. John Keats’s Poetry was greatly influenced by his life experiences. John Keats was born on October 31st 1795. His father was Thomas Keats, and his Mother was Frances Jennings Keats. John had three brothers. Their names were George, Thomas and Edward. Edward died during infancy. John also had a Sister. Her name …show more content…
To start off with, one of the main reasons why Keats wrote this poem was for his love for Fanny Brawne. During a time of great despair in John’s life, He met women by the name of Fanny Brawne. This woman was his neighbor and John began to fall in love with her. They began to develop a connection in poetry. Fanny was very interested in John’s poetry and this drew them even closer to together. John Keats writes, “Pillow’d upon my fair lover’s ripening breast, To feel for ever its soft fall and swell” (Keats). John is talking about Fanny in this line. He truly loves her with his entire soul. Cleary Fanny had a huge impact on John’s life. Fanny was always on his mind. This is clearly is shown in his poetry. Not only is his love for Fanny shown in his poetry, but it is also shown in there letters between one and another. Keats and Brawne wrote numerous letters to each other talking about how they felt about each other. None of Fanny’s letters were ever saved, but John’s letters were saved. One of John’s letters to Fanny states, “I could die for you” (Keats). All of John’s life revolved around his love for Fanny. One of Keats’s main motives to writing “Bright Star” was because he wanted to declare, and express his love for Fanny. His poetry was completely influenced by what happened in his world around him. One of his biggest influences on Keats’s poetry was love because for most of his life he was surrounded by Fanny. Love was a huge part of John Keats’s life; moreover, this love entwined itself into his

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