Critical Analysis : Critical Media Analysis Essay

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Critical Media Analysis

We are uncovered for advertising every day through different channels. Magazines, TV, Internet, billboards, flyers, and shirts are among some of the most popular once. In this paper I will focus on two printed ads from magazines. The objective of any marketing manager should be to create loyalty beyond reason for their product because that means you can appeal to heavy users. The paper will begin with individually describing the ads one at the time and lead to a discussion paragraph that will display some critical perspectives on the advertisements.

Givenchy PLAY advertisement

The girl appears to realize that everyone’s eyes will be on her because she is self-confidence, playful and spontaneous. Her eyes draws consideration as she looks at the cam with coquettish eyes and she would appear like the kind of advertising girl that is given a curious look that attracts. The pink, diamonded glossed perfume bottle is a generalization of a female product. The man, also known as a famous musician, exudes a confident type of mystique. He resembles a player type that every girl want and other men despise. He shows up like a gambler and the look in his eyes can be connected with risky, watching, and playful style and he seem autonomous in a way because he is not head over heels for the girl. His suit symbolizes manliness; ant the hat can make them appear even more stylish. The robust, silver fragrance bottle is framing the male dominance stereotype. The boy…

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