Criteria For Roche 's Distribution And Pricing Decision Essay

1092 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
Criteria Identification and Importance
The most important criteria that carries the greatest weight for Roche’s distribution and pricing decision is to remain in control of the intellectual property that is Tamiflu. With the government and panicking countries seeking to stockpile the drug, Roche has to be aware of what effects this will have on Tamilfu’s future. If they start handing out the instructions required to make the medication, there is little hope that once this pandemic ends that those producers will just quit making Tamiflu all together. This drug seems vital to Roche’s future and losing control of it, would drastically reduce future earnings. For these reasons, Roche has to be cautious and make sure that the sublicensing they are already allowing does not go out of control. Another criteria that is of substantial importance is to avoid being ridiculed and defaced by the media. This measure carries the second most importance due to the fact that the population will never forget if many people die because Roche chooses a strategy that benefits overall the wellbeing of the world. A public relations disaster will follow Roche for many years, so they are trying to avoid it at all costs. It is even possible that the media could insight enough hatred toward Roche to convince people to boycott other medications they produce. Avoiding negative media attention is a long-term strategy that Roche wants to capitalize on. This criteria is significant, but holding onto the…

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